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Road Reseal Project

Day 15   Friday, May 27   Section 0


  • Please remember that this entire schedule is dependent on the weather and it is a Monday through Friday work schedule.
  • If a section is cancelled, that section will be made up over a weekend or at the end of the project. We will distribute the makeup time once determined. It does not take place the following day.
  • Roads to be resealed will close at 7:00 AM on the day of resealing and will remain closed for 48 hours from the time it was initially closed (the day the work is done and the following day).
  • Vehicles should be parked away from designated sections. Trash should be held by the resident or taken to a street not affected by the schedule. Mail will not be delivered during the road closure time.
  • Please check channel 732 or email blasts from SolivitaHOA to see the entire schedule.



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