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License Plate Recognition Registration and Age Verification


We are excited to announce we are ready to start collecting the two forms necessary to accomplish the above objectives.  Attached are the two forms that we will be collecting. As you will notice on the forms, we will need proof of registration and if that is not available, proof of title for the vehicle and proof of age. We will not be collecting the “proof” but do need to “see” it. We will not be entering your information at the time of collection so we hope it will be as expeditious as possible. There will be multiple attendants to take the information, verify the proof presented, and verify the clarity of the information on the form so please write/print as legible as possible. The forms have additional information as way of explanation so please be mindful of the contents of the form itself.

 For those that have rental cars or a company car intended for the resident, please present your lease agreement and we will be able to enter your information. We are doing our best to verify that the vehicle belongs in the system for access to Solivita.

The schedule for the collection of the forms is as follows and ALL will be held in Mosaics and ALL are from 9:00 AM-12 Noon:

      March 13th, March 15th, March 17th, March 21st, March 23rd, March 25th (Saturday), March 27th, March 29th, March 31st.

For those that cannot print the forms, we are in the process of making hundreds of copies of the schedule and both forms and will get them to the Concierge, Riviera, and Palms. Please afford us a couple of days to get these run and distributed to the three locations mentioned.

We have also been asked about bringing in your significant others information or do both of you have to show up. Provided the form is filled out completely and clearly and the necessary proof document is available for us to see, one person can bring in both.

As to age verification, a driver's license, birth certificate or passport are all acceptable.


If you want to submit your forms via email, you may do so but a copy of your proof of title and a copy of proof of age MUST accompany the forms. You may submit your forms to Solivitamembership@evergreen-LM.com. When emailing the forms and documentation to us, please only send us the forms and the individual "proof document" as attachments. If you try to send it as a picture in the body of the email, we will not be able to read or work with it and we will need to return it to you.


Age Verification form
License Plate Registration
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