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Encinitas Way, Harbor Ridge Drive, Pelican Hill Way, Presido Park Place, Shady Canyon Way, Trabuco Canyon Court

The first residents of Mira Vista moved into their new home in September, 2007. We are a small community within Solivita, but are growing each month. As new residents move in, we want them to get to know their neighbors. The residents began having dinner once a month in early 2008. The first Mira Vista dinner was attended by eight individuals. Attendance at our dinners now range from 25 to 50 individuals. Everyone has agreed that these get-togethers helped everyone make a smoother transition into their new neighborhood.

In late 2008 the group decided to form the Mira Vista Club with social activities being its primary purpose. The Club will also assist Mira Vista residents with new resident issues. We all went through the same issues within our first year. Many of those issues were solved easily, but others were much more frustrating. Those of us who have been here now know the “short cuts” to solving issues and want to share that with new residents. The group decided to apply to Lifestyles to form a club and received approval in December 2008. The informal organizational meeting in January 2009 provided for the adoption of by-laws and the election of officers in February 2009. We now have a functional organization that is providing those social events for its members as well as addressing community issues with the appropriate individuals.

We continue to get together for social activities as well as dinner, lunch or breakfast, etc. on a monthly basis. We hold a Membership Meeting quarterly to satisfy our by-law requirements, but more importantly to get together and say “hello!” Mira Vista is a very close knit community and our club works hard in making Mira Vista a very positive lifestyle for its neighbors.

For more information about the Mira Vista Neighborhood, contact Neighborhood Captain, John Biellik at  miravistaatsolivita@gmail.com 

Why Does the Mira Vista Neighborhood Have a Mira Vista Club?
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