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Welcome to Rainbow Lakes West

The following RLW Streets with Street Leaders are included:

Note: Click on each name to find their contact information.

Addison Drive                            Karen Parsells

      Falling Waters Drive  Carolyn Roe & Pat Ouelette

Amelia Street                              Ann Conklin

      Gulf Drive                  Carolyn Roe and Pat Ouelette

Bell Tower Crossing East #253     Sylvia Deftos

      Hamrick Drive            Sylvia Deftos

Blue Spring Street                       Denise Janey

      Indian River Street      Ken Savelli

Cape Florida Drive                             Andrea Sernotti

      Largo Drive                 Pat Weiss & Deb Darnick

Crystal River Drive                     Voni Kiebel

      Solivita Boulevard #206-350   Susie Quattrochi

 Neighborhood Captain: Karen Parsells, 258 Addison Drive,

rainbowlakeswest.solivita@gmail.com, 863-313-9178

The Rainbow Lakes West next social event is:

Our first ever Rainbow Lakes West Scavenger Hunt

Where: Meet at the Cape Florida Gazebo

             When:  January 18, 2020 [Note this date change]

Time:   Scavenger Hunt: 2 PM – 4 PM  

We are planning a Scavenger Hunt with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes. The hunt be followed by hot dogs with all the "fixin's" at our Cape Florida gazebo. These will be provided by your RLW Team, while we wait for the scavenger hunt results. Tables and chairs will be provided. Also, please plan to bring anything you would like to drink.

You can plan to have a team of from 1 to 4 people, so get your friends and neighbors to join in!

We hope you will plan to attend to make our first RLW 2020 Event a big success!

Please let me know, ASAP, so we can get an idea of how many hot dogs to prepare. You can reach me at rainbowlakeswest.solivita@gmail.comor call 863-313-9178.


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