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Hello, and welcome to our friendly neighborhood of VERONA.   We look forward to continuing to turn these new homes into a community in which we know each other by first names and assist each other when and if we can.  

The first residents of VERONA moved into their new homes just a few years ago, and we are growing each and every month. As new residents move in, we want them to get to know their neighbors.  Therefore, we host a “Meet & Greet” at least every 2-3 months.  Everyone has agreed that these get-togethers help everyone make a smoother transition into their new neighborhood.  Check the "Upcoming Events" section below for dates.
If you're looking for more information pertaining to VERONA, simply contact our Neighborhood Captain, James (Jim) Cisek at verona.solivita2017@gmail.com.  We truly want and welcome all your ideas and input.  Afterall, this is OUR site!  
For current events, last-minute news, and miscellaneous items, keep an eye on our community bulletin board located right at our mailbox kiosk! 



The following streets make up VERONA (in alphabetical order):
  • Bel Air Way
  • Colony Orchard Court
  • Mystic Hill Court 
  • San Joaquin Road
  • Pacific Ridge Road
  • Torrey Pines Way 

Find all your neighbors here:  

***Find anyone anywhere in Solivita HERE


NOTE:  The closest entry/exit gate to VERONA is West Gate, on the corner of Cypress Parkway and San Clemente Avenue.  Thankfully, it is manned 24/7.  They may be reached at 863-496-1453.  When you have visitors, remember to grant them access to the gate before their arrival by clicking on the MY INFO icon and then the GATEHOUSE ACCESS icon to enter their information (or click HERE.)

Upcoming Events

Food Truck4TH MONDAYS:  Monthly "Food Truck Rally/Curbside Cuisine" - Free Admission - Cash Only Bar - Located at the Veterans Memorial at Freedom Park - 4pm-7:30pm (Feel free to bring your own chairs and table, but there will be "some" there, as well.)

Meet and GreetOCTOBER 28, 2019 - Verona's next POT LUCK “Meet and Greet” for all our residents will take place at THE BALLROOM FROM 5-8PM.  Our events take place approximately every 2-3 months.  PLEASE make an effort to come out to welcome all our "new" neighbors and our "old" ones, too!  We want to see you!  Check your email and/or our next VERONA Newsletter for details.   (Find a copy in the "Document" section below.)

Check out the fun we've had at past events:


NEXTDOOR - Join VERONA on Nextdoor HERE  (If you're not a Solivita Nextdoor member, click HERE to get an invite first.)
Verona Websites


top leftCheck out all the links on the top left of this page!!!! 

What You Need To Know

AEDAED - Our community AED is located at the mailbox kiosk.  Download a phone app called “PulsePoint AED” (it’s yellow) to locate your nearest AED when you’re out and about.  A second phone app that is highly recommend is "DialMyCalls," which will call several people at once (with a pre-recorded message) to inform them of a medical emergency.  (PLEASE CONTACT THE CERT TEAM TO JOIN THE NEXT CPR/AED CLASS TO LEARN HOW TO USE THIS LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT!!!)

CONCIERGE - Not sure who to call, what to do, or how to get information?  Simply reach out to our Solivita Concierge Service at 863-427-7100.  (Monday through Friday 9:30am until 5:00pm.)
COMMUNITY EMAIL BLASTS - Think you missed an email from Solivita?  Click here for the 2018 archives:   PAST EMAILS   (If you're not receiving any emails from Solivita, contact Carolyn Roe at croe@evergreen-LM.com to be added to the list.)

911EMERGENCIES - If you’d like our Neighborhood Captain to maintain your contact information in case of emergencies, please complete and email the "Emergency Contact Form" in the "Documents" section below.  If you haven’t received a “File of Life” magnet to keep on your refrigerator in case of emergency, please email our Neighborhood Captain, Jim Cisek at verona.solivita2017@gmail.com.   NOTE:  For a life-threatening emergency, call 911 and make sure to say you are located in POLK COUNTY.

EVENT TICKETS -  Lifestyle Events - Tickets go on sale in the ballroom the first working day of the month before the event takes place.  For example, if you would like to purchase tickets for an event taking place in June, tickets will be on sale the first working day of May. After the first working day, tickets are on sale (up to 3 days prior to the event) at the Lifestyles Office (above the Marketplace Bistro) from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. - See more at: Activities

flagFLAGS - If you would like to be included in the “Flags Over Solivita" Program, where American Flags are placed in your lawn on major holidays, please contact Jackie Barrett at 609-851-6472 or at FlagsOverSolivita@hotmail.com or print and mail this 2018 Application.  It's only a $25 donation for them to install, remove, maintain, and store your flags for an entire year!  100% of your contributions goes to support charities and the Veterans Club, and they take no administrative fees.  Questions? Call the FLAG HOTLINE at 863-512-3655.

HURRICANE INFO - For the most current documents on SolivitaHOA.com, click HERE.   For Polk County alerts, sign up at AlertPolk.com.   See the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Hurricane Center website, the official federal government source for tropical storm information and frequent updates on storms as well as many links to preparedness information,  They are also the folks who feed data to the weather radios we should all have.  Click HERE for NOAA.
NEW RESIDENTS - If you're new to VERONA and haven't been visited by either our neighbohood captain or one of our street ambassadors yet, please fill out a "New Resident Form" and submit it ASAP to be included in our email list for vital information pertaining to our neighborhood.
RECYCLING - You can ONLY use the 65-gallon yellow-topped, wheeled recycling bins.  RECYCLING ONLY IS PICKED UP ON TUESDAYS.  

You can ONLY recycle a few items:   Aluminum cans, tin cans, any cardboard, newspaper and white paper (not magazines), and "opaque"/translucent plastics from milk and OJ containers (NOT detergent-type of containers).

You may place TWO bulk items at the curb on EACH delivery day.  Although the drivers "should" make a note to get it picked up, it's recommended that you call to schedule a bulk pickup at 863-284-4319.

Bins must be placed 3' from away the curb and 3' away from any object (like a mailbox -- but we don't have mailboxes, so no worries) to allow for the truck "arms" to come by. GARBAGE ONLY IS PICKED UP ON WEDNESDAYS.

More Details can be found on these videos from 9/13/17 "Coffee Talk" meeting with Polk County Waste Management:   Part 1 HERE then Part 2 HERE.

A link to the garbage contract is HERE.    

NOTE:  When there's a Federal Holiday, recycling and/or garbage is picked up the next day.

R2RR2R RESOURCE CENTER - (RESIDENT TO RESIDENT) is located above the Bistro (open Monday thru Friday 9am – 12pm noon).  The Center serves as the point of contact for CERT equipment to be loaned out.  Also, monthly workshops are held on common, everyday topics like what to do before you call the handyman, how to service your golf cart, and the like.  
CLICK HERE for upcoming events.
CLICK HERE to be directed to the R2R page directly.
ROUNDABOUTS - There are lots of roundabouts in Florida.  Watch this video to explain how to use them.  Main points:  (1) When you're IN the roundabout, you should not have to slow down for those outside; they should yield to you.  (2)  When you're OUTSIDE the roundabout, yield to those inside by WAITING (yes, even for a golf cart) until it's safe to enter.  (3) Stay off the center circle (truck apron) -- unless you're a huge truck, of course.  Stay safe!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMV02ReN0lo

SOLIVITA HANDBOOK - (Now known as the "Quick Guide to Your Solivita Life.)  For everything and anything you want to know about Solivita, read through the Solivita Handbook (last updated May 2018).
VISITORS - Having company?  Getting a delivery?  Make sure to register your "temporary" guests at the gate by clicking HERE or leaving a message at 863-313-1314.  You can even call our San Clemente gate (West Gate) directly at 863-496-1453.  Please keep us all safe and don't register ANYONE as a "permanent" guest.

WILDLIFE - We have all kinds of wildlife roaming the streets, not just our precious neighbors.  PLEASE obey traffic laws and speed limits.  Just for fun, take a look at what Solivita calls a "Speedbump."  (See "Documents" section below.)  Check out the "Photo Gallery" link on the top left to see pictures of our beautiful wildlife (and lots more).  To learn about the wildlife you will see in Solivita, CLICK HERE.


hot news








contact usFor more information about VERONA, please email our Neighborhood Captain, James (Jim) Cisek HERE.   (Make sure to email him if you're not receiving our monthly Newsletter.)
If you see any typos or information you believe would be helpful to our neighbors on THIS site, please email VERONA's Website Editor,   Andrea Walen HERE.  



Zone 1 – All of Bel Air, from 427 to 476 Bel Air – Sam & Joyce Ardillo, 452 Bel Air.  Email: jebma2244@gmail.com 

Zone 2 – Colony Orchard Ct, Mystic Hill Ct, 413 Pacific Ridge to 796 Pacific Rid Glenda Partin 422 Pacific Ridge. Email: glendagem@gmail.com 

Zone 3 – 514 San Joaquin to 582 San Joaquin - Chris Armstrong - 582 San Joaquin.  Email: floridalifestyleteam@exprealty.com 

Zone 4 – 585 San Joaquin to 663 San Joaquin - Rosemary Venutolo, 639 San Joaquin. Email: R10255743@aol.com 

Zone 5 – 668 San Joaquin to 754 San Joaquin, & Torrey Pines – Mike & Linda Andrews, 690 Torrey Pines. email: wmandrews7@gmail.com 

Zone 6 – 800 Pacific Ridge to 896 Pacific Ridge –Paul & Dale Roberts– 832 Pacific Ridge. email: auntiedale@aol.com 


Purpose of Neighborhood Ambassadors:   

  • To welcome new neighbors and assist them in acclimating to Central Florida and Solivita.
  • To get new resident information from the new arrivals, and update current residents.
  • To communicate important information about the neighborhood and Solivita, especially for those who don’t use email or the Internet.
  • To identify potential problems (and solutions) that will affect the neighborhood.
  • To encourage and personally invite neighbor participation in Verona events such as our meet and greets, luncheons, etc.

We have divided Verona into six “zones.”  (See Map Above)

                                             SOCIAL COMMITTEE

social committee pic

What's a Social Committee?  It's the people in your neighborhood who are helping to plan and execute some fun Verona events.  We'd love feedback from YOU!   Have ideas?  Feedback?  Let us hear from you?  Send an email HERE.  At our next event, if  you haven't aleady received one, you will be given a name tag lanyard.  Please save it and bring it to each and everyVERONA event.

Your Fun Social Committee Members (in alphabetical order):

  • Andrea Walen
  • Beverly Stairs
  • Dale & Paul Roberts
  • Denise Martin
  • Hedy Flechner
  • Jackie Barrett
  • Jen Suarez
  • Lee Egan
  • Mayra Skeete
  • Pam Stewart
  • Renee O'Brien 
  • Tina Begleiter
  • Who's next? .... we're always looking for more volunteers!

Are We Full Yet?

There are only a few lots left to be sold in VERONA before we're officially "SOLD OUT."  

Verona Lots

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