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Guidelines for Leasing Property in Solivita

Please note:  These guidelines for leasing property in Solivita along with all forms are located at the bottom of this page.

No new rental walk-ins will be processed in the Membership Office unless paperwork has been submitted and tenancy has been approved prior to their visit.  It is suggested that all paperwork listed below is provided at least two weeks prior to the start of the lease to allow time for tenancy approval.  When provided via email to the Membership Office, acknowledgement of receipt will also contain approval for property being leased whenever possible.   

Required Paperwork

  • Age Verification Form, completed including signatures of all new residents
  • Driver Licenses for all new residents listed on the Age Verification Form
  • Solivita Auto Registration Form
  • State Registration Form for all cars, showing ownership or lessee for every vehicle
  • Informed Consent Agreement and Waiver for all new residents
  • PAR-Q  Form for all new residents
  • Fully executed Lease which must include mailing address of landlord and Lease Term.  Lease Terms cannot be month-to-month and should be 3 months or more.   All Tenants or those occupying the property MUST be listed on the Lease.
  • The property mailing address must be registered in the corporate office (other than the address of the rental home).  Approval will be withheld until the mailing address has been changed and Membership will advise if it is not listed.   Owners may change or validate correct mailing address by calling Customer Service at 855-490-1804. 

New Property purchases that are intended to be lease properties may have a delay in the timing of the lease start date.   Paperwork must be processed in the corporate office database as the ownership information must match that on the lease.   It is recommended, in these cases, that leases do not start until one month after closing. 

There must be at least one tenant living in the property that is 55 or better.   All tenants must be named on the lease, or named as also occupying the property, to be issued ID cards for the amenities and to have cars registered for License Plate Recognition. 

Homeowners may only lease their property when the Solivita Community Association and Solivita Club monthly fees are up-to-date and there are no open violations.   This is part of the approval process by several departments that may take up to 48 hours or more to process and approve.    Resident ID Badges, License Plate Recognition and Transponders may be impacted if the property is not current with all fees.  

When Homeowners lease their Home, only the Tenants (those persons occupying the Home) shall be entitled to exercise the privileges of a Member with respect to such Home; however, the Owner and Lessee shall be jointly and severally liable for all Club Dues under the Solivita Club Plan, paragraph entitled, “Member.”  Homeowners are transferring the Club privileges for this home over to the Lessee.  Homeowners are not allowed to use their ID Badges for this home during the term of the lease unless they own and occupy another Solivita property.  

It is the Homeowner’s responsibility to be aware that Polk County requires all homeowners renting their property to register with them and submit copies of the lease to the Polk County Tax office.  Depending on the length of the lease it is possible that homeowners will be responsible for taxes and/or fines if found non-compliant.  See their website for all the details:  http://www.polktaxes.com/  On their site,  select:  Taxes, Tourist Development Taxes  and review different categories such as Vacation Home Guide,  Requirements & Allowance, and Application.  

It is the Homeowner’s responsibility to inform new tenants that there is a $50 Club Administrative fee assessed to new leases. The fee is due at the time of orientation or prior to issuing ID cards and access to the gate License Plate Recognition system and cash or checks are acceptable.  

  • Tenant records will not be visible to the gates until the fee has been paid in Membership.  If Tenants plan to arrive on the weekend, fees should be submitted prior to arrival or the Homeowner should enter the tenants as visitors to their property’s visitor list.  Incoming Tenants will be placed on the visitor list for the property for one week to allow for entry if the start date falls over a weekend.
  • If the home is leased on a continuing basis, year to year, there is no additional fee until the home is leased to a different tenant.
  • This fee applies to lessees returning to lease the same or any other home for 3 months or more during the winter months.
  • It is the responsibility of the tenant to return their ID cards, to the Membership office, at the end of the lease. 

It is the responsibility of the Homeowner to notify the Membership office if renewing the lease or when the tenant has vacated the property.   

  • Picture ID cards and License Plate Recognition are both programmed to deactivate at the end of each tenant’s lease.  If a tenant cannot access a facility it is probably due to the fact their records have expired and lease renewal has not been submitted.
  • Homeowner ID’s will be deactivated for the duration of the lease.  When Membership is notified the tenant is gone, Homeowner ID’s will be reactivated.
  • Please submit a copy of lease renewal to the Membership office located in the Administration building in the Village or by email at least two weeks prior to expiration.
  • If the lease is not being renewed, please notify Membership and return tenant ID cards to the membership office if in homeowner’s possession. 

 There is absolutely no obligation on the Club Owner’s part to issue ID cards to anyone other than the homeowner. 

“The Declaration Book explains in Section 10 Use Restrictions, Sub-section 10.4 homes may be leased, licensed or occupied ONLY IN THEIR ENTIRETY and NO FRACTION OR PORTION MAY BE RENTED. No bed and breakfast facility may be operated out of a Home. INDIVIDUAL ROOMS OF A HOME MAY NOT BE LEASED ON ANY BASIS.  NO TRANSIENT TENANTS MAY BE ACCOMMODATED IN A HOME. All leases or occupancy agreements shall be in writing and a copy of all leases of Homes not comprising part of a Multi-Family Rental Building shall be provided to the Association. Leases of Homes forming a part of a Multi-Family Rental Building shall not be submitted to the Association unless the Association reasonably requests a copy of the same from the Owner of a Multi-Family Rental Building in connection with the enforcement of this Declaration or Rules and Regulations.  

No Home, other than Homes within a Multi-Family Rental Building, may be subject to more than two (2) leases in any twelve (12) month period, regardless of the lease term. No time-share or other similar arrangement is permitted. The Owner must make available to the lessee or occupants copies of the Community Documents.”    The (12) month period is NOT a calendar year.  The year begins with the Lease Start Date. 

When new Tenants visit Membership, they will be provided with a new resident membership packet with detailed information on the Solivita Community, phone directory, maps, etc.  New Resident Orientations are offered on Thursdays,  by APPOINTMENT ONLY,  in a group setting from 10 am to 11:30 am.   Appointments can be made thru Membership or by calling  863-420-5692. 

It is important to provide all car registration information as License Plate Recognition is the new gate access system.    There are cameras located in all resident lanes.  The vehicle should be driven slowly up to the gate without stops and starts.   The camera will read the information on the license plate and any ACTIVE records will allow entry.    If Tenant records are active and gate access does not work properly, contact the Membership Office with:   Date, time and name of gate.   Membership will trouble shoot “read” errors on the gate cameras. 

Moving vans and trailers are not allowed to park overnight in resident driveways or on the streets.   Parking permits can be purchased thru Membership for up to 4 nights only.   PODS that are delivered to homes are only allowed on driveways and must contact the Compliance Department with delivery dates and length of time prior to delivery at  863-427-7032. 

Please remember to submit a completed Lease, and the forms above for all that will occupy the home.  This information may be submitted to SolivitaMembership@Evergreen-LM.com or fax these documents to the Solivita Homeowners Association at 863-496-4456.

  • The application is validation that one person occupying the home is 55 or better
  • All occupants of the property should be listed on the lease and a form of identification for each attached.
  • These forms are included and also available at the Solivita Membership office and the Community Association office, which is located in the Administration Building, or on the SolivitaHOA Website.


For additional information, please contact the Membership office at 863-427-7143, or 863-866-8690.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Leasing Guidelines with Forms
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